Fairfield County, CT Family Photographer - Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Child's Photo Session! - Kendra Rojas Photography

I just had the pleasure of doing a session with the grandchildren of my husband’s friend from work! Don’t get me wrong the scene was a bit hectic as there were three boys under two, and an eight-year-old girl. I was definitely exhausted by the time we finished, but the end result really turned out nice!

Got me to thinking, that putting together a few tips on how to get the most out of your child’s photo session might be helpful!

They say that toddlers are the hardest subjects to shoot, as they don’t listen to direction and any poses you had in mind fly right out the window. But once you let go of all those expectations of how you think the session should go and just go with the flow, everything comes together. Capturing your little one’s personality is my number one goal and to do that we just have to let them be.

Take a look at my tips below. I’ve illustrated with a few photos from the session. I hope you like it!

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Child's Photo Session!

Schedule your photo session during your child's upbeat time of day. Coordinate with naps and feedings. A sleepy, hungry child can’t enjoy the experience, and that’s what this is all about.

Build up the photo session as much as you can by talking to your child about it and let them know what to expect. Clean your child’s face, hands, nose and teeth prior to the session.

Bring along necessary items to help keep your child happy and clean (diapers, wipes, a favorite toy and blanket). Bring along some personal props - costumes, hats, or toys that highlight your little ones personality.

When picking out your child's wardrobe, think bold and bright. Simple is always best, no busy stripes or pattern. The goal it to capture your child’s true self. Choose a look that reflects your child's personality. For family portraits, it's best to choose a color palate and coordinate from there.

Something really important to remember is that it’s absolutely fine if your child acts like a child. Sometimes a frown or a smirk can make a great portrait. Not every picture has to be perfectly posed.

I may need your help! Crawlers and new walkers love their freedom. We’ll work together to corral and conquer! Also, you know your little one best. I may need you stand over my shoulder to help get those precious smiles. :)

RELAX- Breathe in and out! The photo session should be about having fun and capturing your little one in all their glory! Let go of your expectations.  It’s good to come with certain hopes for the shoot, but be sure to not hold too tightly to those expectations. Open your mind, breathe, and have fun!

Thanks for reading!

Best, Kendra