8 Photography Tips for Moms

Do you love taking photos of your children? Are you always carrying your camera around, snapping away? If you answered yes, then these 8 photography tips are for you!

Tip #1: Change Your Point of View

Try crouching down to get on the same eye level as your child or stand on a chair and take the photo from above. You’ll be amazed at the difference! A mistake many moms make is not mixing it up. By doing this, you'll get a variety of different photos.

Tip #2: Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

Light is the most important factor to think about when taking photos. Study the light during different times of the day. Choose an indoor area where window light is illuminating the room or take photos outdoors right before the sun sets. You’ll capture beautiful golden light in your images.

Tip #3: Creativity is Key

Another great tip it to let your child do the creative thinking. Not every photo needed to be posed. Capture them having fun! Make them feel involved. Show them the photos on the back of the camera. You’ll be surprised have much better your photos will turn out when you child is having fun!

Tip #4: Keep Them Entertained

Have some tricks up your sleeve! Taking a good posed photo of your child can be challenging. Give them a toy to play with or offer a lollipop or stickers to keep them involved. Give them a chair to sit on to prevent them from running off. A happy child is a cooperative child!

Tip #5:  Lose the “Smile” & “Cheese”

Avoid cheesy/fake smiles by changing up your lingo. Try words like “bibbity bobbity BOOO” or sing Happy Birthday. Don’t be afraid to be silly. Make noises! If you are having fun, they are more likely to smile. Tell them a story about a character they love. When you make that connection, you get great, natural images.

Tip #6: Don’t Forget About YOU

Years from now, your child will love seeing photos of you. Get in the picture! Use a self-timer or ask a friend of family member to take photos of you playing with your child. The photo doesn’t have to be perfect or posed. Candid shots are great, too!

Tip #7: Let Kids Be Kids

Capture your child in their natural environment. Just let them play! Don’t direct them or tell them where to stand or to smile. Take a few steps back. They may even forget you are there. Time flies by so fast, you’ll want to have images to help you remember the little moments and their personality.

Tip #8: Props Are Fun!

Sometimes it hard to get a great facial expression out of your little one. Adding props to your photos can really help to add interest to the shot. Your baby, infant, or toddler may even interact with the prop giving you a great picture!

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